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How to embed a Flickr photo gallery to your website in 5 steps

Flickr is a photo sharing service that has been around for more than a decade. It may not be your go to social network but it's definitely a service you should be using to establish your online brand as an athlete. 

There are many advantages to use Flickr to host and share your photographs, for us, it’s the embed. 

Flickr embeds are simply gorgeous and they offer a great viewing experience. Hat tip to David Jury, distance runner from the UK, for pioneering the idea of integrating Flickr albums to share the breathtaking sceneries of the Namib desert on his website. 

Here’s how to embed a Flickr photo album to your website:  

1. Create your account and upload some pictures, go ahead and select the Flickr gallery you want to share. ( You can also share your ‘photostream’ aka your collection as a whole.)

2. Click on the first image of the album or the image you’d like to show first on your website. Then, click the share icon to retrieve the embed code. Copy the <iframe> code to your clipboard.

3. Head over to your Dashboard on Medalist and access the blog post (or bio page) where you want to embed your gallery. 

4. Click the </> icon to change the view of your text editor to display HTML.

5. Paste the <iframe> embed code in the HTML text editor. 

Save the changes and you're all set! It should look just like this:

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